Pharmacology Tip!

If you know me well, I LITERALLY HATE PHARM. Last semester was my very first semester taking Pharm. While others found it extremely easy and easier than medsurg, it was the opposite for me. Pharm was actually my lowest grade last semester. I don’t know why I had such a hard time with it? I felt like it was just so much to remember and studying for it always made me anxious. I just kept mixing some drugs with others and not just the drugs, but their side effects as well.

During our second Exam, three good friends of mine who saved my butt (Marcel, Lauren, and Lilly if ya’ll are reading this lol), were kind enough to send me charts that they made. My first Pharm exam was my lowest, I think I got like an 84? By the second exam, when I used the charts they sent me, my grade really went up. The charts helped me kind of frame it in my head and helped me organize it in my head as well. Pharm is a lot of memorization and of course, you have to learn how to understand the drugs too. The charts helped me memorize them and gave me time to really understand how they all work together. For my second exam, I don’t even remember what I got, I’m pretty sure it was like a 90 or 94? or Maybe 92 Idk, the point is, the charts really helped me and now this semester, I’m making my own chart.

If you guys wanna see how I make them, a preview is above. I use word document and honestly don’t know where I’d be without it. The word program that comes with MAC sucks. I mean you could always use google docs but you need the internet. At least with word I can literally make charts anywhere because you don’t need internet connection for it.

I started making a chart already for the first exam. So what I do is I make a table and separate them by drug and their acton, side effects, adverse affects, patient teaching, what to do before and after you administer the drug (since that’s how our new book is outlined), and nursing consideration. Also, reading the book while making this chart really helps me remember them! I also insert comments on the side and the ones shown probably won’t make sense to you, but when I look at them, I just get it. I also noticed if you insert comments on the side and you print the document, it gives you a little space to write some stuff too when you’re actually studying.

Obviously you guys don’t have to do this to get an A or better grades. If you’re already doing something that helps you out and that works for you, then that’s great. This is just something that helps me really focus and believe it or not, it makes studying a lot more fun cause it’s so organized and pretty lol.

Oh I forgot to say, they made us get a new book this semester and it is so much easier to comprehend so I have a good feeling about this.




A change of mindset, PLEASE

I really need to change my mindset about what being a good mom is. I was going to post about this before school started, but I got really emotional.

When I found out I was pregnant with Eli around August of 2016, I decided to still attend Fall of 2016, but take off Spring of 2017 since I was due April 15, which was actually two weeks before finals. That would not have been good? Plus, I actually gave birth March 31 and went through Postpartum Depression for a while, so that was not good at all. Going back to school would not have been an option. I was pretty lucky. I had about 6 months with Eli before I had to go back. He was about to turn 6 months when Fall semester of 2017 started.

It was very hard to leave him. Knowing I wouldn’t see him all the time broke my heart, but I really wanted to finish school, get my degree, take the boards, catch my dream, and work hard for my family. I sucked it up.

I was super excited for winter break to come, cause that meant more time with Eli and I did. I spent a whole month with him, He was sick for like a week, but that’s when I got the most cuddles and cuddles are always great.

FOR SOME REASON THOUGH, IT WAS HARDER LEAVING HIM THIS TIME. Way harder than leaving him the first time. I think it was because he was super clingy to me during the entire break and he knew me and smiled every morning he would wake up next to me. He chose me over anyone, even over Fitz. He loved bath time with me and he just loved playing with me and we really bonded over break. This is when I got really emotional.

The night before class started I started telling myself I was a horrible mother. I was a horrible mother because instead of taking care of him, he’s in daycare most of the week while I’m in school. I started thinking that the definition of being a good mother is being with your baby 24/7. I hate when I start thinking like that because then I can’t focus on school.

Until now I still think about it just a little bit. I just want things to be easier. 

Sorry for being inactive

Hey everyone,

So school has started. I apologize for not writing here for a while, lol like two weeks, idk. School started last week (January 8th) and i don’t know why Holy Family likes to make us struggle and make us come in earlier than other schools when we don’t get out earlier either. But anyway, school started and it’s definitely a lot harder than last semester I would say. Last semester, the first two weeks, I was still able to surf the web, watch some netflix, spend time with Eli without having to worry about being behind, BUT MAN THIS SEMESTER, EVEN THE FIRST FREAKING DAY I ALREADY FELT LIKE I WAS MONTHS BEHIND AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE? Not to mention, we have like 30 something people in our class and they all freaking intimidate me because they all seem so smart and knowledgeable like they read the book every night, which is probably something I should do. They mostly participate and I’m just sitting there listening to what they’re saying out loud or shouting out loud and I have no clue, whatsoever, what they’re saying. Like did we learn this before? I don’t know. Honestly, just the first two weeks of school made me feel super stupid. I used to come to class semi prepared with knowledge about what the lecture is going to be about, but now my mind is like blank and all I’m thinking in my head is “Okay Trish, this is the semester that you’re going to fail” but I cannot think like that. I want to keep my record of not getting anything below an 80 my whole entire nursing school career, and while that may seem impossible, it’s actually pretty doable with a lot of work and determination. I mean I did it last sem, I should be able to do it again, but then again, this semester is harder.

Also did I mention that we have two clinical days now and I am kind of freaking out because I’ve never really had experience in the hospital, except for that time I was in the nursing program in my community college but had to drop out because I was severely depressed and couldn’t handle anything. Yeah, I had clinicals while I was in that program and I remember crying all the time, so I don’t know how I am going to handle this semester… with TWO DAYS. Thankfully my friends are in my clinical group and other people that seem so sweet, on the plus side my clinical instructor seems nice, ON EMAILS, but hopefully she’s nice in real life too, lol.

Well, wish me luck this semester. We’re learning about the heart now so that’s great. I hate the heart.

Eli at Nine Months

0ADBEF6C-2D86-4817-B714-3A69473AB995Eli is nine months! He turned nine months on New Years Eve and was sick as ever, but still smiling, just a little bit cranky. I can’t believe he will be the BIG ONE in three months. I know a lot of people say this but I literally feel like it was just yesterday when he came home for the first time. A lot of older people who have older kids tell me to ‘enjoy these moments’ with him because these are the moments that will go by so fast… and I’m trying. I really am. Everyday I see him I just want to cuddle with him and squeeze him in my arms, agh. I don’t even want to go back to school. These past three weeks with him have been so tiring, but amazing. Can’t wait for the summer!

Updates: Eli is TRYING to walk. Since six or seven months he has been using tables or chairs or anything he can find to pull himself up. NOW he can do it on his own. He just sticks his but up, puts both of his palms on the floor and push himself up. Oh! He can also stand on his own for like ten seconds. While pulling himself up, he can also transfer from one ledge to another. He understands the word “no” and will point up if you ask him ‘where is the light’. He will also clap his hands if you ask him and sometimes will give you a high five.

I am trying to feed him more filipino food so he’ll get used to it but ugh he is so picky! He has two teeth and one front tooth coming out!

That’s basically all the update I have on Eli for now. For sure if there is another update, I will post!

Introducing Me


So as cliché humans we tend to think about New Years Resolution. My cliche self’s New Years Resolution is to finally make a blog site (that’s not tumblr, although I love Tumblr) to record and jot down all my memories and experiences as a living human. I’ve been wanting to do this sooooo bad I just haven’t had the time.. and the patience.

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Trish. You can call me Trish. I used to really love to write. I used to be really good at it too now I just write like I’m legit talking to a person in front of me. So if you expect this blog to be polite and well edited and proofread, well you came to the wrong blog, lol. I basically made this because one, I have a really freaking nice camera that I won from a raffle and I never win anything, AND I barely use it so I might as well take nice pictures and upload them on here. Two, I have a baby and babies are freaking cute so I’m going to take nice pictures of my cute baby with my super nice camera and upload them on here. Three, I have a cute little family so you can guess what I’m gonna do with that. Four, tumblr is really getting annoying. Five, I love memories and knowing I can always come back to this to look back at my past experiences in life ad laugh about how cringey and dumb I was, is reassuring.

By the way, if you’re wondering what OnetwoFifteen is, it’s the date Fitz and I started dating, which is technically when everything started. January 2, 2015. Hopefully you got that right…

Okay so more stuff about me. I am a wife and a mom if you already didn’t know. It’s literally repeated all over this blog. I am also a dying Nursing student. I’m also going to be posting some nursing tips here!! Maybe like good books to study with, good ways to study, good things to have during clinicals, good pens to write your cheat sheet with.. haha. I graduate May of 2019 (by God’s grace) and will hopefully be an RN that same year. I am a follower of my Creator. God has been with me throughout my whole life. He literally has forgiven me despite of my stubbornness and has poured blessings into my life despite my selfishness. I also really believe the reason why I am passing nursing school is because of Him, so yeah He’s pretty awesome.

What else. I like to read, I like food… too much. I love babies! I obviously like to take pictures. I like to vlog as well, when I can. I love movies and shows. I’m a pretty chill person. I’m really not the type to ride roller coasters or go bungee jumping. I’m pretty boring haha, but hopefully this blog will entertain you, because that is somewhat my purpose too.

Idk what else to write. It’s getting late and I have to sleep early because my baby literally wakes up at ungodly hours so unless I want to look like a walking zombie like I did the first couple weeks he was born, then I have to sleep now. Bye, see you on my next post 🙂