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How we met: Fitz and I met at church a loooong time ago. Literally we’ve known each other since like… forever. I can’t even remember, but basically, we’ve been going to the same church since we were itty bitty people. It’s actually funny because growing up, we liked different people IN THE SAME CHURCH. Who would have thought the guy I would marry was right there all along?!? By the way, my mom always thought he was such a handsome kid, not in a gross way, but you know, in a “oh my gosh he’s so handsome why don’t you date him’ kind of way so yeah… my mom approved.

How it all started: It all started when I washed some dishes at church and he stepped up to help me. Funny, he actually asked me about my ex????? While washing the said dishes, he asked me about my life and I did the same. I thought it was super sweet that this guy was asking me about how I was doing. It literally started from there. We also shared the same passion for this awesome Walking Dead game that still should be available to play now. I would occasionally play it on his ipad. Then one day the game came up with another episode so I texted him. I said “Walking Dead has another episode ahhdsjfshdhsakals” And he responded with “Who’s this? and no way??!”

We started texting A LOT. Would pray for each other if something went wrong. Then a good friend of mine really encouraged me to just got for it. Little did I know Fitz actually went to this said friend’s  house a few days before and talked to this said friend about me.

Then Christmas came. He bought me a really cool Lion King sweater. Oh, and we also share the same passion for Disney and… Taylor Swift. Believe it or not T. swift actually brought us closer together. He then admitted to me that he liked me and he wanted to pursue me and I said the same. We hung out more. Our first date ever, we went Ice skating and funny, he actually now works at the company that hosts this Ice Skating rink. He asked my parents for permission to pursue me, and then WALA= Team Fish results.

Relationship: During our relationship we got to do some cool stuff. We got to see my very first Imagine Dragons concert. We got to go to the Lantern Fest, which he surprised me with. We also went canoeing where we legit almost died. Oh, AND we went to Disney World twice in ONE YEAR, which is probably our most favorite place in the world??!?

Our relationship was definitely not perfect. Obviously most of the moments were happy and magical, but some were just bad. Before Fitz and I even started talking, I was struggling with major anxiety and depression. It caused me to drop out of Nursing school and made me do some pretty crazy things that I can’t even believe I did. I told him actually, when he asked me out, that I was crazy. That I get too caught up with my anxiety that I constantly feel like people are out to bail on me, which causes me to distance myself a lot. But he told me he prayed about it and I actually prayed about it too. Man, does God answer prayers. During our relationship, Fitz has helped me grow in numerous ways. I think that is really the reason why God gave him to me. Not just to help me cope with my anxiety and my sadness, but to help me realize that I can overcome it and that it is possible. Until now I am very grateful God has sent me this man. I feel like I hit the jackpot with him. 

You’re Pregnant? What? Okay so this is the part where everyone was shocked and I literally almost died in Florida from having a panic attack because my parents found out I was pregnant and not through me!!! Okay rewind. I found out I was pregnant on August 4th 2016 while I was watching a one year old little boy. I used to be a nanny btw. For some reason I felt like I knew I was pregnant but at the same time not. But when I saw that positive sign, I literally felt numb. Like I didn’t exactly know what to feel? I obviously told Fitz and my very close friends. I got a blood test to confirm it was real, and it was. My parents found out while I was in Florida. Then everyone found out. Then next thing you know, Fitz and I got married.

Okay, so I don’t want you to think at all that this was a forced marriage. Obviously it wasn’t. Fitz and I always planned to get married. Everything was basically fast forwarded for us, which I honestly don’t regret at all. God is so good and has blessed me with a wonderful husband that I don’t even deserve. Not even close. 

Marriage: Update, we are STILL married. So far, it’s been such a joy. From sleeping on a twin sized BUNK BED to sleepless nights with our now 9 month old son, I have never been this happy… and tired. Fitz has been such a great husband to me. He has sacrificed so much for me. With my pregnancy he was there through it all. He didn’t even faint when I gave birth, and mind you, I LOST A LOT OF BLOOD and he hates blood AND I had second degree tear and he saw everything. He also has so much patience with Eli on his bad days.  While breastfeeding, he washed all my pumps and bottles and still to this day, washes all the bottles. Also with me in school, he is so supportive. God is so so good. He is a matchmaker. He picked the perfect guy for me to tackle the world with. Plus His grace and His mercies really are new every morning for me and my family. With our marriage, He never fails to send blessings from above. I love my life with my little family and with that, Team fished lived happily ever after.. with their little fishy… and most likely their other little fishies in the near future.


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