Eli Parker Seggay

Eli Parker B. Seggay

Pregnancy timeline: I found out I was pregnant with Eli on August 4th, 2016. I was due on April 15, 2017, but gave birth March 31, 2017.

DOB:  March 31, 2017

Time: 12:06 PM

Weight: 6 pounds and 2 ounces

Parents: Joni Trish Bation & Fitzgerald Seggay                                                 

Grandparents: Gorald Seggay, Maria Grace Seggay, Rosemarie Bation, and Dolly Bation 

Siblings: none.. yet lol

Labor Process: Contractions were very painful. Active labor started at 8 AM when water broke and Eli came out healthy and perfect at 12:06 PM.

L&D Fun facts: I was sent home the first time we went to the ER because I was only 2cm dilated but my contractions were pretty painful. They were about send me home again but they saw I was contracting every 3 minutes so they admitted me at 5AM and gave me morphine and water broke three ours later. Also, I was about to get a C-section because his Heart rate was declining fast, but the doctors were able to raise it up by changing my positions. Another fun fact is an intern did my epidural and took so long to do it that I was already 7cm when the epidural kicked in.

First person to hold him: I held him first after pushing for an hour. I did skin to skin with him for an hour or so. 

First day/night observations: Slept a A LOT. Didn’t want to latch onto mommy’s breast but after a few lessons with the help of a few nurses, he was able to latch on perfectly and was a great eater after that. 

Features that stood out the most: DIMPLES ON BOTH sides!!!!! 

Mommy’s first thoughts: I personally couldn’t believe God even gave me this blessing after all the times I have disobeyed him and turned him down. I don’t deserve this blessing but here he is in my arms. I also couldn’t believe I was able to push a baby out of my tiny body!!!! Is this my baby? This is really my baby?! I am responsible for this tiny little human! I grew this human inside of me? Man, I can practically do anything now. Oh crap, breastfeeding is gonna hurt.. lol.

Daddy’s First thoughts: 


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