Baby Number Two


When I found out…

Okay, so…. anyone who knows me in person knows how much I’ve always wanted a big family. Literally right when Eli turned six months, maybe even earlier than that, I already wanted to try for another baby. Unfortunately that was something Fitz and I couldn’t do because I was still in nursing school, we were NOT even close to being financially ready, we were still living with his parents, and it just was not the right time. Eli had just turned two when I graduated nursing school and he was just a little less than two and half when I passed the boards and landed my very first nursing job, which is were I am currently working at right now.

So let’s rewind back to the end of January 2020. I had major baby fever. I feel like I always do, but the intensity of it comes in waves. Fitz and I finally decided to sit down and calm myself, lol. We decided we weren’t going to try till July because when I initially got my job, I had three months to apply for short term disability, but didn’t because I didn’t know and I was absentminded about the whole thing so I missed that opportunity. In the event that I would get pregnant, before July, I wouldn’t have enough PTO and I wouldn’t have short term, meaning I would have to take FMLA, meaning no money or income for us, well atleast coming for me, for atleast 2-3 months, which was just not ideal for us. So July it was. That was the big ol’ plan.

60217721310__BE2B330B-CC5F-4322-8F52-EB015756ECF1Around the last week of January, I should have been getting my period, but it never came. My boobs started hurting (sorry but this is my blog, I can practice TMI as much as I want lol) and it was just a lot more sore than my usual period boob soreness, plus it was also lingering for a while, which was super odd. I decided to take pregnancy test. BIG FAT NEGATIVE. Not even a single hint of faint line. So I said, okay whatever. Let’s go. The next day, was my really good friend’s birthday. We went out. Got tacos. I drank some alcohol. Maybe more than one glass. Cool. 

February comes along. Still no period. Just to add, my cycle is regularly irregular, meaning I have an irregular cycle (my period comes every 35-45 days which is not the normal cycle), but it comes regularly.  I don’t usually “miss” a period even though my cycle is super long. I thought, okay maybe this time my cycle is 45 days instead of 35. Deep inside me, I had a feeling I was pregnant. I feel like you kind of just know, especially when you know your own body, and I felt the same symptoms with Eli when I found out. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE BOOBS! But when I saw that negative line, it changed my mind, but at the same time I was a little confused. Like why were my boobs hurting so bad and why is the pain CONSTANT!

Fast forward to February 5th. I had worked the night before and was working also the night of 2/5. Period still hasn’t showed up. I usually leave for work around 6, it was 4:30, I’m getting ready for work, but something was telling me to tell Fitz to go run to the store to get me a box of pregnancy test. In my head Im thinking, ok maybe it’ll be negative cause last week it was. But guys, there was literally an urge inside of me to tell him to get one. So he goes and buys a pack of two. He puts in on the counter. At this point it’s 5:20 and I decide to take the test. Im sitting on the toilet, peeing on the stick, you know, the norm. If you guys have ever taken a pregnancy test before, it is probably the most scariest thing ever lol. It’s so nerve-wracking. My hands were shaking.

Negative because it was negative last week. Negative because it was negative last week. Negative because it was negative last week. 

BIG FAT POSITIVES. The first one wasn’t even faint. You could clearly see it.

I was right. I was right. I knew it. I was right. 

How I felt…

Ok so this is where I get personal and deep…ish. I shared on my instagram when I announced that I was pregnant that my initial reaction for this pregnancy wasn’t the best. It was the exact opposite. I remember sliding the test on the floor, telling Fitz to come up, and telling him I was right and I knew it. He looked at me and said “I’m not going to show you my reaction until you tell me how you feel first” or something along those lines. And I said “I’m happy” And he hugs me and spins me around. I think I might have said that out of the moment. Did I feel happy? I can’t really tell you. But I definitely felt sad, lost, confused? Are those even the right words. All I kept thinking was “No PTO, No short term, No money from me for three months. What are we gonna do. This was supposed to happen around July. This wasn’t the plan? Unplanned baby again?” This definitely wasn’t the same situation with Eli. At least we both had decent jobs right? But I was only 7-8 months into my FIRST NURSING JOB. I could have waited till July to make it. a year?!

I remember for two to three weeks I kept crying. I cried about a lot of things. Money. Stability. I cried about Eli not being my only baby. I cried about being scared. Why was I so sad. Some women kill for this moment, but why was I so depressed. And I don’t like saying that I was, but it’s the truth. It triggered my depression and anxiety and I would cry every time I had to go to work and would just cry before falling asleep. It was literally eating me up. And I am sitting here writing this blog entry and I feel so bad that I ever felt this way about this pregnancy in the beginning, but it’s the truth. And I really want to let you guys know that this happens. That it is reality to some people. We’re allowed to feel sad for things unplanned or things were not ready for. We’re entitled to feel those things. We’re allowed to feel those things. On top of everything, my anxiety for work even before all of this happened was already so so bad, so finding out I was pregnant during a very mentally unstable period of my life was just not good.

So that’s the honest truth. I wasn’t all that happy when I found out. I think a lot of my unhappiness had to do with how unstable my mind was at that time or how anxious I always was and how bad my anxiety was. I was always thinking how am I supposed to care for another human. I’m not ready. My mind isn’t in the right place. It took about another month for my mind to accept that I was growing another human. With a lot of prayers, venting to my husband, and talking to my really close friends, it finally started getting better. Now I am at this point where I get so upset about feeling like that, but my mindset back then was also so different from how I am feeling now, so I don’t think its healthy for me to be so angry at how I was.

Now I am 15 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and we couldn’t be more excited! This pregnancy is going great so far, except for the weight loss and the intense amount of vomiting during the first trimester. Other than that, I’m thriving. Baby looks great. I feel great. Some anxiousness here and there, but Fitz is always super supportive. Eli is excited and I am so so stoked to see him as a big brother!

I am so excited to blog more. I was thinking of using youtube to record this pregnancy, but you all know how I feel about it. It’s very time consuming and I can’t commit to it right now. I want to make this blog more alive, not because I pay for it yearly lol, but I blogging is something I have always loved so why not continue to do it right? Hope you guys enjoyed this post and enjoy the rest of my blog! I promise to try to be really consistent ❤


Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.55.28 AM

I am done Nursing School, Wow.

IMG_7174Wow. It’s been almost a year since the last time I wrote on this blog. That is insane. First off, I really am sorry for just leaving the blog behind. As you can see, although nursing school kicked my butt, I kicked it right back and graduated.

I am finally done.

All that hard work

Just like that

I am finished.

It’s crazy because I sit here and look back and I can still remember exactly how I felt going into my first nursing class, 8 weeks pregnant, not knowing what to do. I can still feel the pain of having to take a semester off because I was due at a time where it was impossible for me to just give birth and go right back four days later. I can still feel the tears and the sadness when I had to go back when Eli was about six months.

I was not emotionally ready.

Mentally, I was unstable.

But I had to do it, and I did it. I graduated and I did that.

Okay, yeah I didn’t graduate with honors (though I was literally so close, darn you 3.48 lol) and that is okay.

Words cannot even express how proud I am of myself. I’m not one to brag, but man this was such a big accomplishment. The journey felt so long and just like that it’s done. I remember being so annoyed because my first rotation was in a nursing home and it was so far from us, so once a week, Fitz and I would have to wake up around 4:30 in the morning, try not to wake Eli up as we transferred him from the bed to the car seat, and leave the house by 5:30 so I could make in time for Clinical by 6:30 and Fitz would make it to work by 8.

I remember having to lock the doors so I wouldn’t be tempted to go down to play with Eli because I had some major studying to do. I remember feeling anxious every first day of clinical, crying because I didn’t have time to study, panicking because I forgot to study one part of the blueprint, and going crazy because my brain would continuously tell me I’m not good enough.

But I did it.

I did the one thing I thought I wouldn’t be able to do the second Eli was born. I thought, “I’m not good enough to do this. I’m not smart enough. I am not capable”. But the thing is,  one thing I learned during this journey is the importance of knowing that anything is possible. I don’t want to sound cliche, but it is true. When you put your mind into something and really prioritize and claim that you will get it done, it’ll happen. It’ll take time, but it’ll happen. Another thing I need to point out is that I would not be able to accomplish what I accomplished without the help and support from everyone that stood by me throughout this journey. It is okay to rely on and ask people for help. Until now, I still have a hard time doing because that’s just how I am, but this would not be possible without everyone that supported me and motivated me.

With that being said,

This is all for nothing if I do not pass the NCLEX, lol, jk, but partially true so please pray for me that I do.

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Soaking Up Summer

I have less than one week left of Summer and it is so bittersweet. To think this is my last summer as a student?! It is so crazy to me. Ive been trying to soak up the last few days I have left with Eli. Tomorrow we leave for vacation with the whole family and I am very excited for that. We are going to Virginia so I am not looking forward to the 6 hour ride with a toddler. We’re going to check out Busch Gardens and Virginia Beach. One last hoorah before school starts I suppose.

These pictures were taken yesterday.  As you all know, or might know, I do not drive due to stress related issues and just pure laziness, so we stayed home the whole day. I went to the gym for about two hours but most of the day we stayed home so I took tons of pics of Eli. Early in the morning it was actually kind of chilly so I was able to put a cute sweater on him that was way too big for him. He then drooled on it so I changed him again. honestly, Ive never seen a cute toddler as cute as Eli but what do I know. I am a biased mom and I am Eli’s biggest fan haha.

Eli Update!

So as mentioned on my previous post, Eli turned one! And because I SUCK AT BLOGGING, he is actually now fifteen months old. Yes, my baby is no longer a baby although everyone still calls him a baby because he is still a size of a baby! 

Anyway, he turned one on March 31, 2018. We didn’t have his birthday party till two weeks after that (april 14) because he was actually serving as a ring bearer for his godparents’ (Sarah and Ben)  wedding on his first birthday which was a ton of fun! Sarah is actually Fitz’s cousin and Ben happens to be a very close friend of Fitz so basically the whole family was in the wedding and people got to see Eli walk down the aisle! I will include some photos to aid you guys visually, unfortunately I can’t put videos on here which SUCKS. I’ll probably be able to upgrade my wordpress account in the near future though.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Okay so this picture of Eli on the left is him the day before he turned one. He has been known as the baby with a head full of hair if you can’t already tell by that picture. The day before he turned one, we decided to cut his hair off, which I sometimes regret until now. But honestly, he is so cute with both hairstyles. I actually think I’m going to grow it out again. Now this picture  of Eli on the bottomishh right is Eli RIGHT after his haircut! Did I mention I cried while he was getting it done? I don’t know why I got so emotional, I think the moment I could start shaping out Eli’s face without all that hair on it, he just looked older to me AND the fact that he was turning one the next day.  Not a good combo. I think since. March he’s had three haircuts but I thought about it and like I said earlier, I really am thinking about growing it out again. We’ll see.

Now this other picture of him with a cupcake is his actual first birthday. This was the morning of his birthday and I remember just singing happy birthday to him and cuddling him and showing him all his baby pictures of him. I also remember laying down with Fitz reminiscing the few days we spent together before Eli came into the world and looking back at the days we spent in the hospital when our lives changed! Eli’s first birthday was honestly kind of hectic. Fitz was a groomsman so he was out of the house before we were for pictures and stuff. I had to get ready by myself and get Eli ready by myself as well so that was kind of hard. I swear, when you become a mom, you literally learn how to do things with one hand because Im pretty sure I was carrying Eli half of the time I was getting ready because he was very cranky due to lack of nap. Everything turned out ok though. He looked so cute for the wedding and he danced A TON!!

Now my little sunshine is FIFTEEN MONTHS! The photos above are taken at fifteen months, but don’t be fooled! He make look the same, but he is so different in so many ways. Because he did start walking at ten months, which is pretty early for a boy, he is basically a pro now! He is practically running when he’s really excited. He still sleeps with mommy and daddy. We tried to put him back in his pack n play, but thats not happening anytime soon because I am NOT ready to take him away from the bed and he isn’t ready to sleep on his own. DON’T JUDGE... every mom moms differently and cosleeping just happens to work for us. He eats a lot, but is definitely more picky now. He still loves his basic fruits; grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas, but we introduced a new one which he is totally in love with: MANGOES! Just like his mama.

He is still the crazy Eli. He’s bumped his head a few times. We actually took him to the ER just a few days ago because he fell off the bed from jumping and playing and it left a dent on his head. He was perfectly fine though, back to himself right away. He no longer takes the pacifier because we successfully weaned him off before he turned one! He had his first dentist appointment last month and now has 8 teeth! He can say a ton of words like “Bye, baby, ball, car, shoes, cow, duck” and many more. He is now both and a mommy and daddy’s boy.

He is a growing boy and is definitely developing into his own person. I can’t believe my little newborn is now a toddler. I remember when he was just a few weeks old people would constantly tell me to enjoy this time with him because it goes by fast. Man, it really does. It’s not a joke. I literally feel like I just blinked and he was no longer fully dependent on us. I mean this kid will take his own snacks from his snack bin and get his water bottle when he wants to. He’ll get off the bed if he wants to play and will point at something that is interesting to him. He is growing. He is gonna get big whether I like it or not and that’s just reality.

But okay, Im pretty much done with this update of Eli. That’s basically everything thats new about him. I’m going to go cry now because this post just reminded me of how fast he’s growing up and it honestly kills me.





I know I haven’t blogged in A WHILE. Not gonna promise to blog often starting now, but like I always say… I WILL TRY MY BEST. I tried vlogging a lot this summer, but that didn’t work out. I recorded stuff here and there but I can never bring myself to edit videos. Also I almost always forget that I plan to vlog. For example, I’ll have something exciting to do that day so I tell myself to vlog, but I always forget to take the camera out because I am in the moment. Sometimes I wonder how vloggers vlog without feeling bad that they are missing ‘the moment’. One day I was vlogging while Eli was going down the slide and just playing with other little babies and I felt so bad I wasn’t by his side as he was sliding down, instead I had a camera in front of my face the whole time. It works for other people, but it just doesn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love recording moments, and I do still record tons of footages, but I’d rather just live it than record it. This is why I wish I had a personal camera man, lol.

Anyway this might be long.. or not. I am now a year older and so it Fitz. Eli turned one as well and I will do a little update on him too, it will probably be the post above this one Honestly, I don’t feel any different being a year older. I definitely do not look any different since I still have people thinking I AM FIFTEEN?? WHAT?? I do still struggle with comparing my life to others. A lot of my really close friends have their own place and out of school meanwhile I am still stuck in school. I mean yeah, our situation is a lot different than anyone else’s but sometimes it does get a little discouraging. What helps me a lot is talking to Fitz about it and talking to my friends about it, and most especially, coming to God about it. i always try to understand his special plan for me and my family and I can’t wait for it to unfold. I honestly have a hard time being patient so this is a good lesson for me.

SCHOOL???? is starting again in like a couple of weeks. Part of me is excited and part of me is just terrified. Ive been hearing tons of things about this upcoming semester being the hardest one and I am scared. BUT I ONLY HAVE A YEAR LEFT!! So let’s make it count and NOT FAIL?!?!

ALSO, I GOT A NEW JOB. I have an older post titled “Unexpected Interview” and I actually got hired. I got called around the first or second week of March that I got a job as a nurse extern at Einstein Medical Center! Ive been working since the last week of June and I love it so far! So basically we do what CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistant) and PCA’s (Personal Care Associate??) do. We obviously have different demands like for example, we’re only required to work 16 hours a month (minimum) since it is implied that nursing externs are STILL students. But yeah, I really like it so far. Ive only been working atleast three times a week, which honestly isn’t bad AND it pays really well. Obviously the job takes me away from Eli for at least 24 hours a week, but it’s okay. I am getting used to it.

OH! My sister’s family finally arrived. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it here but my sister’s husband and daughter were in Philippines for a good while and she was away from them for a good two years I wanna say? Now they’re here and it’s been so fun! It was my first time meeting my niece and she is a ball of energy.

I really don’t know what else to update you on. Nothing much has changed expect those. I’ll do separate posts for Eli and just for other stuff. God, I am so freaking boring!!!!

Happy Eleven Months Eli!

I do not know why it took me basically FOREVER to post about this, but my baby is eleven months old now. I’m literally like almost a month late because in one week and like three days he will be turning one. I guess the reason why I have been putting this off is because I have been really emotional. It started during my spring break. I spent the whole week with him and I started really thinking about the very first day Fitz and I brought him home and how everything was hard at first and how we were definitely challenged by parenthood. Now we laugh at those times and giggled about how clueless we were. At the same time it makes me very sad because we cannot get those moments back with Eli. Time flew by SO fast. He is going to be one. I’m practically going to have a toddler in a week or so. He is no longer a baby.
I know I should be happy about it. We survived A YEAR as parents to a beautiful boy, but now I feel nothing but sadness. Happy, but sad..? It’s a bittersweet moment really. Ugh I’ll save the extra sappy post for when he’s one.

Moving along… I am so proud to say that we have reached the biggest milestone of all and that is W A L K I N G! Technically he started walking at ten months, a week or so before he turned eleven. Ugh I have such a smart boy in my hands. He is definitely babbling/talking a lot more. He has learned how to give hugs and he somewhat knows how to kiss like for real, not just pursing his lips and making that smacking noise. Also this boy is definitely someone who wants HIS way. He has been testing us. He thinks he’s the boss hahaha, he’s funny. I constantly remind him WE’RE the boss by glaring at him whenever he whines and it works most of the time. He’s also been interested in putting lids back on containers. He also knows how to work a remote. Hmm what else?

OH! They ruled out Dairy for his list of allergies. Now we only have to work with eggs and peanuts although I know that peanuts will probably stay there forever. With peanuts only 20% of kids outgrow them and eggs, almost all kids outgrow them. The good news is that he can actually tolerate baked in eggs, but he can’t eat boiled eggs, sunny side up, scrambled… which sucks because those are literally the easiest breakfast meals to make!

So…. ok I think that’s it for now for his eleven month update. He is literally turning one in like a two weeks or a week ish so you will be seeing a post like this again… with more tears and sappiness.

Introducing Me


So as cliché humans we tend to think about New Years Resolution. My cliche self’s New Years Resolution is to finally make a blog site (that’s not tumblr, although I love Tumblr) to record and jot down all my memories and experiences as a living human. I’ve been wanting to do this sooooo bad I just haven’t had the time.. and the patience.

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Trish. You can call me Trish. I used to really love to write. I used to be really good at it too now I just write like I’m legit talking to a person in front of me. So if you expect this blog to be polite and well edited and proofread, well you came to the wrong blog, lol. I basically made this because one, I have a really freaking nice camera that I won from a raffle and I never win anything, AND I barely use it so I might as well take nice pictures and upload them on here. Two, I have a baby and babies are freaking cute so I’m going to take nice pictures of my cute baby with my super nice camera and upload them on here. Three, I have a cute little family so you can guess what I’m gonna do with that. Four, tumblr is really getting annoying. Five, I love memories and knowing I can always come back to this to look back at my past experiences in life ad laugh about how cringey and dumb I was, is reassuring.

By the way, if you’re wondering what OnetwoFifteen is, it’s the date Fitz and I started dating, which is technically when everything started. January 2, 2015. Hopefully you got that right…

Okay so more stuff about me. I am a wife and a mom if you already didn’t know. It’s literally repeated all over this blog. I am also a dying Nursing student. I’m also going to be posting some nursing tips here!! Maybe like good books to study with, good ways to study, good things to have during clinicals, good pens to write your cheat sheet with.. haha. I graduate May of 2019 (by God’s grace) and will hopefully be an RN that same year. I am a follower of my Creator. God has been with me throughout my whole life. He literally has forgiven me despite of my stubbornness and has poured blessings into my life despite my selfishness. I also really believe the reason why I am passing nursing school is because of Him, so yeah He’s pretty awesome.

What else. I like to read, I like food… too much. I love babies! I obviously like to take pictures. I like to vlog as well, when I can. I love movies and shows. I’m a pretty chill person. I’m really not the type to ride roller coasters or go bungee jumping. I’m pretty boring haha, but hopefully this blog will entertain you, because that is somewhat my purpose too.

Idk what else to write. It’s getting late and I have to sleep early because my baby literally wakes up at ungodly hours so unless I want to look like a walking zombie like I did the first couple weeks he was born, then I have to sleep now. Bye, see you on my next post 🙂