Goodbye 2019

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Before I rant about how inactive I have been. I just want to look back at 2019 and how it was so good to me and my family. Photo above is from this website called instagram Top Nine. It makes a collage of your most liked photos of 2019 (not necessarily the most memorable ones), but honestly this photo will do to close the year of 2019.

First off, I graduated.


THIS WAS BIG. If you guys don’t know my story, maybe I’ll do another blog about it when I am not catching up on sleep. But yeah, this was huge.ย I honestly worked so hard to finish school. It was very difficult with a baby/toddler (since I went back to school when Ei was 5-6 months old and finished when he just turned 2). I literally never want to go back to doing what I did because it was so challenging. But God is so good he helped me through and surrounded me with people to push and motivate me. My husband. My son. My family. This was all for you.

We Went to Disney


Fitz and I are HUGE Disney fans. Literally that’s how our love story started. And Taylor Swift lol. So taking Eli to Disney with us was so memorable. He LOVED it! I was worried because everyone kept saying he wouldn’t remember it blah blah, but until now he talks about it. When he sees Cinderella’s castle he says “Mommy, I go there remember?” And he will periodically ask to watch all the videos I took of him there.

We finally got a place for ourselves!ย 

I don’t really have pictures of our apartment because at the moment it’s still now how I want it to be lol. But we lived with Fitz’s parents from the day Eli was born (March 2017) till the Summer I graduated so that was about two years. While living there helped us a lot financially, it was time to go. We love having our own place! I can’t wait to show you guys how it looks when it’s finally up to par. Plus its literally like a 30 second walk to the train station, super close to Eli’s daycare, very accessible to my job and Fitz’s job and close to my parents and my sister.

I passed my boards and became an RN!!! (THE BIGGEST)


After using UWORLD and reviewing forย  month and half?? I PASSED MY BOARDS. Guys, we literally moved out of fitz’s parents house July 6, I took my boards July 9 and passed July 11 and started my first nursing job July 16 LOL. Everything was sooo abrupt and so instant. God is so good. Seriously! I’ve been dreaming of this day forever, and now I’m an actual nurse (about 6 months ish now). I look back at everything we’ve been through as a family and of course, me as an individual, and I feel so in awe. I feel so blessed.



2019 was really such a huge year for us.ย I am looking forward to what God has planned for us. 2020 will be the year of discovery for me as a nurse. I don’t know what it will bring, but I hope it’s good. If challenges come our way, I know we will get through them.

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