Soaking Up Summer

I have less than one week left of Summer and it is so bittersweet. To think this is my last summer as a student?! It is so crazy to me. Ive been trying to soak up the last few days I have left with Eli. Tomorrow we leave for vacation with the whole family and I am very excited for that. We are going to Virginia so I am not looking forward to the 6 hour ride with a toddler. We’re going to check out Busch Gardens and Virginia Beach. One last hoorah before school starts I suppose.

These pictures were taken yesterday.Β  As you all know, or might know, I do not drive due to stress related issues and just pure laziness, so we stayed home the whole day. I went to the gym for about two hours but most of the day we stayed home so I took tons of pics of Eli. Early in the morning it was actually kind of chilly so I was able to put a cute sweater on him that was way too big for him. He then drooled on it so I changed him again. honestly, Ive never seen a cute toddler as cute as Eli but what do I know. I am a biased mom and I am Eli’s biggest fan haha.

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