I know I haven’t blogged in A WHILE. Not gonna promise to blog often starting now, but like I always say… I WILL TRY MY BEST. I tried vlogging a lot this summer, but that didn’t work out. I recorded stuff here and there but I can never bring myself to edit videos. Also I almost always forget that I plan to vlog. For example, I’ll have something exciting to do that day so I tell myself to vlog, but I always forget to take the camera out because I am in the moment. Sometimes I wonder how vloggers vlog without feeling bad that they are missing ‘the moment’. One day I was vlogging while Eli was going down the slide and just playing with other little babies and I felt so bad I wasn’t by his side as he was sliding down, instead I had a camera in front of my face the whole time. It works for other people, but it just doesn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love recording moments, and I do still record tons of footages, but I’d rather just live it than record it. This is why I wish I had a personal camera man, lol.

Anyway this might be long.. or not. I am now a year older and so it Fitz. Eli turned one as well and I will do a little update on him too, it will probably be the post above this one Honestly, I don’t feel any different being a year older. I definitely do not look any different since I still have people thinking I AM FIFTEEN?? WHAT?? I do still struggle with comparing my life to others. A lot of my really close friends have their own place and out of school meanwhile I am still stuck in school. I mean yeah, our situation is a lot different than anyone else’s but sometimes it does get a little discouraging. What helps me a lot is talking to Fitz about it and talking to my friends about it, and most especially, coming to God about it. i always try to understand his special plan for me and my family and I can’t wait for it to unfold. I honestly have a hard time being patient so this is a good lesson for me.

SCHOOL???? is starting again in like a couple of weeks. Part of me is excited and part of me is just terrified. Ive been hearing tons of things about this upcoming semester being the hardest one and I am scared. BUT I ONLY HAVE A YEAR LEFT!! So let’s make it count and NOT FAIL?!?!

ALSO, I GOT A NEW JOB. I have an older post titled “Unexpected Interview” and I actually got hired. I got called around the first or second week of March that I got a job as a nurse extern at Einstein Medical Center! Ive been working since the last week of June and I love it so far! So basically we do what CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistant) and PCA’s (Personal Care Associate??) do. We obviously have different demands like for example, we’re only required to work 16 hours a month (minimum) since it is implied that nursing externs are STILL students. But yeah, I really like it so far. Ive only been working atleast three times a week, which honestly isn’t bad AND it pays really well. Obviously the job takes me away from Eli for at least 24 hours a week, but it’s okay. I am getting used to it.

OH! My sister’s family finally arrived. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it here but my sister’s husband and daughter were in Philippines for a good while and she was away from them for a good two years I wanna say? Now they’re here and it’s been so fun! It was my first time meeting my niece and she is a ball of energy.

I really don’t know what else to update you on. Nothing much has changed expect those. I’ll do separate posts for Eli and just for other stuff. God, I am so freaking boring!!!!

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