Eli Update!

So as mentioned on my previous post, Eli turned one! And because I SUCK AT BLOGGING, he is actually now fifteen months old. Yes, my baby is no longer a baby although everyone still calls him a baby because he is still a size of a baby! 

Anyway, he turned one on March 31, 2018. We didn’t have his birthday party till two weeks after that (april 14) because he was actually serving as a ring bearer for his godparents’ (Sarah and Ben)  wedding on his first birthday which was a ton of fun! Sarah is actually Fitz’s cousin and Ben happens to be a very close friend of Fitz so basically the whole family was in the wedding and people got to see Eli walk down the aisle! I will include some photos to aid you guys visually, unfortunately I can’t put videos on here which SUCKS. I’ll probably be able to upgrade my wordpress account in the near future though.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Okay so this picture of Eli on the left is him the day before he turned one. He has been known as the baby with a head full of hair if you can’t already tell by that picture. The day before he turned one, we decided to cut his hair off, which I sometimes regret until now. But honestly, he is so cute with both hairstyles. I actually think I’m going to grow it out again. Now this picture  of Eli on the bottomishh right is Eli RIGHT after his haircut! Did I mention I cried while he was getting it done? I don’t know why I got so emotional, I think the moment I could start shaping out Eli’s face without all that hair on it, he just looked older to me AND the fact that he was turning one the next day.  Not a good combo. I think since. March he’s had three haircuts but I thought about it and like I said earlier, I really am thinking about growing it out again. We’ll see.

Now this other picture of him with a cupcake is his actual first birthday. This was the morning of his birthday and I remember just singing happy birthday to him and cuddling him and showing him all his baby pictures of him. I also remember laying down with Fitz reminiscing the few days we spent together before Eli came into the world and looking back at the days we spent in the hospital when our lives changed! Eli’s first birthday was honestly kind of hectic. Fitz was a groomsman so he was out of the house before we were for pictures and stuff. I had to get ready by myself and get Eli ready by myself as well so that was kind of hard. I swear, when you become a mom, you literally learn how to do things with one hand because Im pretty sure I was carrying Eli half of the time I was getting ready because he was very cranky due to lack of nap. Everything turned out ok though. He looked so cute for the wedding and he danced A TON!!

Now my little sunshine is FIFTEEN MONTHS! The photos above are taken at fifteen months, but don’t be fooled! He make look the same, but he is so different in so many ways. Because he did start walking at ten months, which is pretty early for a boy, he is basically a pro now! He is practically running when he’s really excited. He still sleeps with mommy and daddy. We tried to put him back in his pack n play, but thats not happening anytime soon because I am NOT ready to take him away from the bed and he isn’t ready to sleep on his own. DON’T JUDGE... every mom moms differently and cosleeping just happens to work for us. He eats a lot, but is definitely more picky now. He still loves his basic fruits; grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas, but we introduced a new one which he is totally in love with: MANGOES! Just like his mama.

He is still the crazy Eli. He’s bumped his head a few times. We actually took him to the ER just a few days ago because he fell off the bed from jumping and playing and it left a dent on his head. He was perfectly fine though, back to himself right away. He no longer takes the pacifier because we successfully weaned him off before he turned one! He had his first dentist appointment last month and now has 8 teeth! He can say a ton of words like “Bye, baby, ball, car, shoes, cow, duck” and many more. He is now both and a mommy and daddy’s boy.

He is a growing boy and is definitely developing into his own person. I can’t believe my little newborn is now a toddler. I remember when he was just a few weeks old people would constantly tell me to enjoy this time with him because it goes by fast. Man, it really does. It’s not a joke. I literally feel like I just blinked and he was no longer fully dependent on us. I mean this kid will take his own snacks from his snack bin and get his water bottle when he wants to. He’ll get off the bed if he wants to play and will point at something that is interesting to him. He is growing. He is gonna get big whether I like it or not and that’s just reality.

But okay, Im pretty much done with this update of Eli. That’s basically everything thats new about him. I’m going to go cry now because this post just reminded me of how fast he’s growing up and it honestly kills me.



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