Happy Ten Months Eli!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Happy Ten Months to my little ray of sunshine. I seriously cannot believe that in about two months I will have a one year old! It’s crazy to think about it. These ten months with Eli flew by so fast. I don’t know if its because of school keeping me busy or if it’s really just him growing up so fast, but man…. time flew. When Eli was first born and we introduced him to everyone and when everyone met him for the first time, ALL the moms I knew kept telling us “enjoy this moment because it will go by fast” and I always brushed it off, not that I didn’t listen to them, but it was more of like “Okay, I already knew that”, not in a mean way though. BUT, IT IS SO SO TRUE. The first year of having a baby in my opinion, is the sweetest part. The first year is coming to an end, and I really am not ready to let it go.

Okay, I’m gonna stop being sappy and move onto Eli’s milestones. HE IS TAKING STEPS!! So our nine month appointment was late and ended up having it a few days after he turned ten months. We didn’t have our normal pediatrician look at him, so it was this other doctor who was a woman. She was nice, but made me worried about Eli’s height for no reason. Our normal pediatrician is this guy named Dr. Dang and he’s Asian and ever since the beginning he’s always told us that Eli was small which was something Fitz and I both expected because well, first we are asians, and second, we are small people. I am only about 5 ft and Fitz is only 5’6 or around there. But the thing is, Dr. Dang never made us worry about Eli’s height because he’s had tons of asian patients who grew slow or were just small in general.

Ugh but when we came into this appointment, the first thing this new doctor tells us is that Eli is really small for his age (which we already knew) and she ran some tests on his which made me so nervous. Days after we got the results of the blood work and everything is normal. I honestly believe Eli will have a spontaneous growth spurt sometime later, but not now. Yes, I am an anxious mama, lol.

Anyway, yes Eli is taking steps! The most he’s taken is 6 I think. He also sleeps through the night now (Thank God) and is drinking less milk and eating more solids. He has a normal meals now in terms of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He claps his hands when you ask hi, points to the light, will raise his arms when you say ‘hooray’, he points at things now. He is also definitely more aware that we are his parents. Sometimes when we drop him off at daycare, he’ll cry lol.

My baby is growing and I really have to cherish all these precious moments with him. 

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