Pharmacology Tip!

If you know me well, I LITERALLY HATE PHARM. Last semester was my very first semester taking Pharm. While others found it extremely easy and easier than medsurg, it was the opposite for me. Pharm was actually my lowest grade last semester. I don’t know why I had such a hard time with it? I felt like it was just so much to remember and studying for it always made me anxious. I just kept mixing some drugs with others and not just the drugs, but their side effects as well.

During our second Exam, three good friends of mine who saved my butt (Marcel, Lauren, and Lilly if ya’ll are reading this lol), were kind enough to send me charts that they made. My first Pharm exam was my lowest, I think I got like an 84? By the second exam, when I used the charts they sent me, my grade really went up. The charts helped me kind of frame it in my head and helped me organize it in my head as well. Pharm is a lot of memorization and of course, you have to learn how to understand the drugs too. The charts helped me memorize them and gave me time to really understand how they all work together. For my second exam, I don’t even remember what I got, I’m pretty sure it was like a 90 or 94? or Maybe 92 Idk, the point is, the charts really helped me and now this semester, I’m making my own chart.

If you guys wanna see how I make them, a preview is above. I use word document and honestly don’t know where I’d be without it. The word program that comes with MAC sucks. I mean you could always use google docs but you need the internet. At least with word I can literally make charts anywhere because you don’t need internet connection for it.

I started making a chart already for the first exam. So what I do is I make a table and separate them by drug and their acton, side effects, adverse affects, patient teaching, what to do before and after you administer the drug (since that’s how our new book is outlined), and nursing consideration. Also, reading the book while making this chart really helps me remember them! I also insert comments on the side and the ones shown probably won’t make sense to you, but when I look at them, I just get it. I also noticed if you insert comments on the side and you print the document, it gives you a little space to write some stuff too when you’re actually studying.

Obviously you guys don’t have to do this to get an A or better grades. If you’re already doing something that helps you out and that works for you, then that’s great. This is just something that helps me really focus and believe it or not, it makes studying a lot more fun cause it’s so organized and pretty lol.

Oh I forgot to say, they made us get a new book this semester and it is so much easier to comprehend so I have a good feeling about this.




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