Eli at Nine Months

0ADBEF6C-2D86-4817-B714-3A69473AB995Eli is nine months! He turned nine months on New Years Eve and was sick as ever, but still smiling, just a little bit cranky. I can’t believe he will be the BIG ONE in three months. I know a lot of people say this but I literally feel like it was just yesterday when he came home for the first time. A lot of older people who have older kids tell me to ‘enjoy these moments’ with him because these are the moments that will go by so fast… and I’m trying. I really am. Everyday I see him I just want to cuddle with him and squeeze him in my arms, agh. I don’t even want to go back to school. These past three weeks with him have been so tiring, but amazing. Can’t wait for the summer!

Updates: Eli is TRYING to walk. Since six or seven months he has been using tables or chairs or anything he can find to pull himself up. NOW he can do it on his own. He just sticks his but up, puts both of his palms on the floor and push himself up. Oh! He can also stand on his own for like ten seconds. While pulling himself up, he can also transfer from one ledge to another. He understands the word “no” and will point up if you ask him ‘where is the light’. He will also clap his hands if you ask him and sometimes will give you a high five.

I am trying to feed him more filipino food so he’ll get used to it but ugh he is so picky! He has two teeth and one front tooth coming out!

That’s basically all the update I have on Eli for now. For sure if there is another update, I will post!

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